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You may be looking for a law firm.  We are NOT a law firm.  We are different.  But we can provide you with business law services (kind-of like a law firm, but not the same).  Curious?


We bet that you are fed up with the same-old law firms going about things in the same-old way. Our lawyers worked for those same old law firms; you know the ones - the large multi-national law firms with very important people and huge overheads....

We got fed up with private practice because it was frustrating trying to deliver what should be a vital commercial service within the rigid confines of a traditional legal practice.  But as much as it was tiresome for us, we also know it was tiresomely expensive for you.  Therefore we decided that it was time for a new, more commercial approach to delivering legal services but at a fraction of the cost.  So, Commercially Legal was born.

What's it all about?


We can give you top quality advice, experience and expertise - without all the nonsense.  There will be no events managers, no Business Development directors, post-rooms, IT departments or expensive offices. We won't even ask you to pay for the office Christmas party...

We just provide advice on Business Law, as it should be - direct, relevant, practical and cost-effective.*


Please see below for more information about what we can help you with.

* Legal services can also be delivered with a sense of humour (but only by prior arrangement)




We draft, advise on and negotiate all aspects of commercial contracts.  We can do as little or as much as you want.



Commercially Legal was founded by Stephen Roper.  Stephen started work in the legal industry in 1996 and, since qualifying as a solicitor in 1998, has spent his entire career working exclusively as a commercial lawyer.


Stephen has practised as a lawyer at national and international law firms and was a partner in two different firms before establishing Commercially Legal.  He also has worked as in-house counsel in multi-national companies operating in the financial services and chemicals industries.


In 2012, Stephen established Commercially Legal to offer a commercially-focussed, cost-effective alternative to traditional law firms.

In short, he's a good guy who knows his stuff...!


Our clients are great.  People just like you.

We don’t believe it’s necessary to tell you that we act for plcs, SMEs, blah – blah.  Doesn’t everyone…?!


We also won't give the names of our clients, as most of what we work on is confidential.  (We're not corporate lawyers; we don't do corporate deals which are publicised...)

However, ironically, we are able to tell you about the names of some companies we have worked with on behalf of our clients, which may help to give an insight into the kind of businesses we deal with.  We have recently worked on contracts for (negotiating directly with) parties such as British Gas, Vodafone, Eon, Virgin Media, EDF Energy, EE, Barclays Bank and many more. 

This might help give you an idea of the calibre of work we do.




The smallest value of a matter worked on by our founder

£1.1 billion

The largest value of a matter worked on by our founder*
If you're intrigued, get in touch and we'll be happy to have a chat..!
*1.1 billion is probably also close to the number of coffees he's had during his career


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