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We work on all manner of business contracts, from 'standard form' Terms & Conditions to bespoke contracts worth £millions.

OK, that's a bit of a broad description - we get that you want a better idea of the sort of stuff we can help you with.  If you wanted a list, you’ve got one:

  • agreements for the supply of goods;

  • agreements for the supply of services;

  • consultancy agreements;

  • outsourcing agreements, from catering and cleaning to call centre services and total facilities management arrangements;

  • distribution and agency agreements;

  • finance and operating leases;

  • joint venture/collaboration/strategic alliance agreements and ancillary documentation;

  • investment and funding agreements;

  • Consumer Credit agreements and Consumer Hire agreements (and related documentation);

  • licences and assignments of technology, software, trademarks, know-how and patents;

  • partnership agreements;

  • affinity agreements;

  • agreements for the provision of financial services (including e-money and money transfer services);

  • merchant acquiring agreements;

  • agreements relating to debit/credit and prepaid cards, including branding and outsourcing arrangements;

  • marketing agreements;

  • sponsorship arrangements;

  • R&D agreements;

  • franchise agreements;

  • standard terms and conditions of sale and purchase;

  • other miscellaneous commercial contracts, including confidentiality agreements, novations, variation agreements, deeds of adherence and product guarantees.


So, we hope that helps.  This still isn’t everything, but we think it shows a pretty good range of examples of the kind of contracts we work on – this is what we do, every day.  We’ve been doing it for years – in fact, for our founder, for over two decades now (gosh, how time flies when we’re having fun…)

We are completely flexible in the services we provide.  We can provide 'end-to-end' services (taking a deal from start to finish, where we draft, negotiate and re-draft contracts to the point of signature) or simply get involved on any aspects you need help with.  In short, we can do as much or as little as you need.


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