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Normally we don’t like to brag.  But we do recognise that sometimes prospective clients do like a bit more information about the experience that we have.  Working with clients in the Financial Services sector is something that we’ve done a lot.  So here we go, an outline of our areas of expertise in this area:


Our lawyers have advised one of the large banks in relation to their payment card and merchant acquiring services.  Our experience has included drafting their worldwide merchant acquiring standard terms and conditions and their standard terms and conditions for various commercial credit card and associated products.  We have provided strategic advice in respect of the creation and documentation of new finance products, including analysing and addressing legal risks.


Our lawyers have also acted for an independent provider of pre-pay cards, in relation to set-up and implementation of the pre-pay card products.


In respect of merchant acquiring, our lawyers have acted for both acquirers and recipients of acquiring services.  We have drafted and updated standard terms of business as well as bespoke arrangements in conjunction with intensive contract negotiations.


We are experienced in advising on all aspects of the Consumer Credit regime, including:

  • formalities of Consumer Credit documentation including Consumer Credit and Consumer Hire Agreements;

  • procedures and formalities before and after entry into Consumer Credit and Consumer Hire Agreements;

  • enforcement and termination of Consumer Credit and Consumer Hire Agreements;

  • Advertising Regulations; and

  • Licensing and other Regulatory issues.


Our lawyers have helped a number of US based independent companies establish UK operations for the provision of online payday loans, including drafting their suite of CCA documentation and advising on issues relating to the provision of consumer loans through the online environment.


Our founder has also had the benefit of working in-house within the financial services industry.  This includes working in two different large banks, providing valuable experience across various areas, including:

  • the provision of credit cards (including affinity card programmes and related agreements);

  • personal loans and related insurance products

  • Consumer Credit Act advertising compliance; and

  • merchant acquiring.


We have worked very closely over a number of years with a Network Service Provider (a client providing a national network of outlets for the provision of payment services and related transactions), supporting their business on a variety of legal issues throughout that time, including creation of their standard contracts, assisting with regulatory issues and negotiating major contracts with a wide variety of household name businesses.

We have also been the main legal advisor, over many years, to a leading Independent Sales Organisation (ISO) which partners with a major acquiring bank and which provides businesses with card payment terminals and a variety of payment solutions and facilities which link technology to payments.  We have assisted that business with FCA issues, its consumer hire agreements and processes, its major partner contracts (including with acquirers) and provided legal advice and bespoke terms and conditions to support its innovative products and payment solutions.

These are fairly niche areas and few lawyers have this expertise or level of experience.  Those that do will usually charge a premium for it - so why not give us a try instead..?

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